Videogames for a ludicrous world

The Wig Clubs Members

The Wig Club was born to fight a world of boring, flat, tasteless games, all the same, super epic, sorrowfully fun characterized by extremly winning heroes.

Daredevil knights adepts to the sacred order play games that challenge the System, to show that there can exist very serious idiotic games and charismatic protagonists who are losers.

For over 20 years they have been hatching in the shadows waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves.
The time has come!

We are now working on...


expected release 2022

platform smartphone (iOS, Android)

hashtags #mortalbowls

An old-fashioned arcade to entertain young and old.

In this hellish tournament for the salvation of the whole world, you can play as one of the lively elders and prove your skills with insults instead of bowls.


expected release tba

platform unknown

hashtags #thearmyofdorkiness #tonytough

The third chapter of the adventures of the bizarre investigator born in Valerio Massari and Stefano Gualeni's minds is a meta-narrative project that is linked to the Night Of Roasted Moths , the first chapter of the saga.

An ambitious project that is requiring a lot of effort to give life to a new chapter worthy of this saga.