The Wig Club's mission is to carve out a space in the vast ocean of video game development teams.

The hallmarks of our projects are the high rate of humor and satire, combined with the research for accurate gameplay, reliable technique, and the spirit of creative innovation that existed in the 80s and 90s of the last century.

We self-produce our titles and we also develop them on demand.


Misterious and Super Secret New Game
state of progress: pre-production
platform: unknown

An ancient and sacred text has been resurrected.

For over 20 years it has rested buried in the dust; anyone who tried to approach it was seized by a sense of bewilderment.
It is still early to tell, but dark forces are at work.
Has the time finally come?

Mortal Bowls

mood cover
state of progress: currently in progress
platform: smartphone (iOS, Android)

Take unparalleled brutality, combine it with the physical shape of a ferocious fighter and dilute it into a mid-morning drink: what you get is a no holds barred elders's petanque match.

And it won't be enough to have deep skills with the steel boules to win.

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Tony Tough &
The Dorkiness Army

mood cover
state of progress: currently in progress
platform: unknown

Where has Tony Tough gone? Where has he been for the last 25 years? And I, where did I leave my socks last night?
This adventure will try to answer these and other thorny questions.

The project is ambitious and mysterious: it is for those who love adventures but not for nostalgic people.

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WP Adventure Room

state of progress: released (2021)
platform: website
developed in collaboration with: Mirror Production Srl

A project conceived and produced by Mirror to which we have given our technical contribution.

It has been already programmed, we added the sound to it and we did the level-design; this game was our fun for summer 2021.