The Wig Club creates, produces and develops games for its own purposes and for sublime connoisseurs.
But it puts its skills, experience and sympathy at your service.


Did you have the unfortunate idea of developing your own game and then you got lost along the way? Are you dissatisfied with your results and do you think your ideas could pay off?

Our Production service is what you need!

Thanks to our long-term experience as developers but above all in failures and scams, we are the ideal partner to tell you - for a fee - if you are wasting your time or if you can improve your project and how.

trust us


If you think that your product or your brand needs an interactive, fun, young push and - why not - to boast of buzz-words as "multimedia", "metaverse", "edutainment" and other bullshit that marketing likes.. well, we're your men!

We can design and develop a reliable and quality game for you that meets these and other needs.
We will not be afraid to tell you if the project is a crap that doesn't deserves to be done, even if you would like to cover us in gold. But if the idea works, you can rest assured that we will do anything to give you the best and make you brag at every opportunity!