the club

The Most Noble Order of the Wig, whose foundation was lost at the dawn of civilized times, is one of the oldest and highest orders of knighthood, and the admission is reserved for a few lucky ones.

Among its most honorable members we remember the venerable Sir Archibald Wallen VII, from the investigation agency Wallen & Wallen and Tony Tough: a never forgotten 3rd degree holder member.

The Entertainment division of the order was founded to delight the afternoons that Club members spent between leisure, alcohol and bloodletting with shamelessly foolish and amusing games.

Even today, the ancient tradition is carried on by the valiant members, to give the world the same type of entertainment. And some bloodletting too.

cavaliere dell'ordine della parrucca

Mr CaVallerio Massari

Designer, Game Designer, Animator, Creative; the mind and hand behind the birth of Tony Tough's character stayed preserved in alchol for over twenty years. While his body was still in shape, his mind never stopped creating.

Once out of this clouded period, he took up the reins of the Wig Club and lead the heroic team towards the realization of new projects that someone has called "genius" and others "senseless deliriums".

The commander-in-chief is often beset by doubts about his identity: he takes care of production, art direction, character design and, if necessary, he can turn off the lights and sweep the floor.

first device: commodore 64

favorite games

Journey, The Last Guardian, INSIDE


Knt Massimo Falabella

Valiant graphic whose weight in the success of projects is inversely proportional to that of the body, comes from an ancient family of Arab-Irish circus performers. He was given birth in the elephant cage and raised by pachyderms as their cub. Having become a freak show with the name of "Falah the human elephant" or even "The man of steel", he has traveled the world performing with his mammoth putative family. Most often in the sanatoriums where every little he was hospitalized.

Thanks to his controversial pedigree, he was initially introduced to the club in the role of humidifier. But his circus agility and versatility quickly earned him the role of head of character animation, additional graphics and game interfaces, as well as the right neuron of team creativity.

first device: gameboy

favorite games

Final Fantasy VIII, Europa Universalis


Mr Luca Giusti

Illustrious and distinguished developer he is the technical engine of the Wig Club.

Very esteemed member and already part of the team that created Roasted Moths in the distant 90s, he makes concrete the wildest creative ideas of his associates. He came up with the wise motto "Prevention is better than cleaning", coined after living in 5 square meters with Valerio Massari, alas, it was a long time ago.

His ingenious contribution merges inevitably with his developer skills to use different languages. Languages learned during arduous journeys to mystical places around the world, discovering the ancient developers - wisely preserved in salted hypodermic capsules - and the young talents that he himself then contributed to forge.

first device: vic 20

favorite games

Wonderboy in Monsterland, Soulcalibur, World of Warcraft